Hair Serum $30

Infuse your hair and scalp with hydrating rose and cacao properties when using our HydroSerum to nourish and quench unwanted hair dryness and breakage

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H2O Moisturizer 

Total Body Moisturizer $32

Beat the heat with our amazing H2O Moisturizer features natural sun protectant properties made with raspberry and apricot to hydrate, soften and nourish skin

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Honey Cleanser

Facial Cleanser $15

Summer is made sweet with our Honey Marmalade Cleanser made from raw honey, lemon and aloe to brighten, tones,and exfoliates away dull skin

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  PRF, a beauty company enjoys making you our guest look and feel your best and understand that real problems exist for hair and skin, which is why we have purposed our expertise and products in providing effective real results.

As a company we have been able to touch communities around the globe solve and correct hair loss and skin imbalances teaching natural care methods by introducing quality products to nurture, protect and restore proper balance to beauty naturally. 


Our goal then and now is to simplify education for guest by providing alternative healthy solutions on the market that are totally noninvasive, GMO-free and financially obtainable." 

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