Facilities Service: Posh Restoration Facilities warrants all services performed by our specialist at our facilities within (48) hours of service date on all inferiorities. Service adjustments beyond the allotted time will be considered final.


Non Refundable: Posh Restoration Facilities reserves the right to inform that all services performed, products sold or deposits made are non-refundable with the exception of warranted items.


Payment: Posh Restoration Facilities requires a scheduling deposit for all services perform. Deposits required may vary at the discretion of our studios.


Reserve the Right: Posh Restoration Facilities reserves the right to implement, modify or change the following disclaimers for all guest at any given time at our studios.


Up-Charge Service Agreement: Posh Restoration Facilities allocates increments in the form of time, service and products needed for all services. An up-charge fee may apply on all services outside of allotted parameters establish by our studios. Please see up-charge fee schedule.


Maintenance Schedule: Posh Restoration Facilities guarantees services only when recommended scheduled maintenance plans are follow such as, but not limited to style care, installation and product usage.


Cancellation: Posh Restoration Facilities requires that all scheduled appointments provide a minimum of (24) hour cancellation or reschedule request. Failure to do so and/or repeated cancellations will result in loss of all deposits or denial of future scheduled appointments at our studios.

Terms and Conditions: Posh Restoration Facilities reserves the right to refuse service, adjust or modify; pricing, disclaimers, policies and warranties and protect all proprietary information of any persons employed or serviced at our facilities.