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As a collaboration between Christina Williams, H.L.P. with Rita C. Stanley, M.D. and Aisha Chilcoat, N.D. our mission is to provide healthy solutions for hair and skin by optimizing internal health!

We are very clear that many conditions of the hair and skin are commonly associated with underlying factors such as diet, stress, inflammation, hormone and other nutritional imbalances, that can be corrected with whole, live food, lifestyle changes and plant based topical products, supplements and hormones.

HNB is a collaboration of 3 professionals trained to identify imbalances and conditions that affect healthy skin, hair growth and cause hair loss. The synergy of these different disciplines in conjunction with over 30 years of combined experience, position HNB to be the forerunners of a model of clinical and beauty care that will impact the health and beauty of 1000’s of men and women in this country.

Join us in this movement to bring “beauty” from the inside out!

Christina Williams, H.L.P.

Dr. Rita Stanley, M.D.

Christina specializes in hair loss including long-term therapy for all types of alopecia and conditions of hair and scalp creating a clear pathway of targeted solutions and an outline individualized beauty regimen and/or hair loss program to address hair and skin imbalances, including support by way of product, therapy or additional suggested services.


How I believe the difference is made as a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner is educating clients on the various forms of hair loss and scalp conditions that can be changed using a multi-therapeutic approach, meaning doing multiple things that work synergistic way with simple solutions that are within their reach without the use of standard medicinal or invasive treatments

Dr. Stanley specializes in Functional Medicine and functional testing with the goal of identifying core clinical imbalances, preventing disease and managing your aging process. She works with a vast variety of conditions such as digestion, food allergies, autoimmune diseases, energy, sleep, hormone balance, thyroid, adrenal and autoimmune issues through comprehensive blood work analysis. 


She loves to put the pieces together and find answers to complex problems that are often missed by conventional medical practitioners. She is of the belief that if something is wrong, there is usually an answer and will leave no stone unturned to try and find the all the possible reasons for your concerns so that you can then fix them together.

Dr. Aisha Chilcoat, N.D.

Aisha specializes in functional testing and weight and metabolism optimization. She loves customizing caloric and macro-nutrient needs to properly fuel the body for weight management and overall wellness, as well as finding and fixing the many hidden reasons why patients may have trouble getting to their body composition goals.


When the optimal calories, exercise and food timing don’t get you the results you deserve, Aisha will explain the most probable reasons behind your sluggish metabolism and together, you will seek out what needs to be corrected through testing.


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PHONE: 1-844-898-7674